Yellow Rooster was founded in July of 2019 by a small team of passionate coffee professionals with years of combined experience — as baristas and roasters, to equipment specialists and shop owners ourselves — each co-founding partner shares the desire to further positively impact the industry and communities that have so greatly impacted us.

These combined experiences provided ample opportunities for our co-founders to interact with actors across all stops along the coffee value chain, from farm to port to roastery to coffee shop and more. Compiling these conversations and experiences, our team coalesced around a shared set of values, which can be understood through the company’s mission of creating faithful, dignifying relationships between humans through the means of trading specialty coffee. More than just a delicious drink, coffee is a culture that knows no borders.

Our model is in our name. Just as the rooster fulfills its duty every morning to announce a new day, so do we at Yellow Rooster work to announce to the coffee industry at large that a new day is dawning. Our model depends highly on the values of integrity, honesty, transparency and dignity. These values are foundational to creating long-term relationships with our producer partners across the origins we work with, allowing us to access a greater ranger of green beans for our roaster partners to roast, enjoy and share with their communities. It is our belief that through long-term relationships, we can produce the maximum positive result from tree to cup.

As every barista knows, life is a process of “dialing in.” We practice a continuous attitude of learning and sharing to better understand what producers are wanting to create and what baristas and shop guests are eager to drink. We strive to be a bridge of transparency, communication and partnership between both ends of the chain, firm in the belief that we all go farther if we go together.


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