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Hi there!

We are Yellow Rooster, a team of people with different passions, all linked in one way or another to the world of coffee.

Collectively, we have visited many coffee farms and heard many stories that have filled our souls with all the good feels, and many others stories that have made us rethink what role we want to play on our journey within the world of coffee.

Yellow Rooster is in search of new methods to transmit what is an essential element for us: the human factor and its integrity.

Yellow Rooster was born with the intention of establishing relationships with those responsible for producing coffee. We are aware of the colonial-type legacy that they carry and we want to shake the image of whisking the good stuff off to “developed countries”. Having a positive impact in these producing countries is important to us and we work with the coffee growers to make sure we are doing the very best we can by them.

Our goal is to deliver coffee and its culture to roasters all over the world. We feel it is our responsibility to the women and men who work hard every day of every year to make sure their coffee trees are taken care of and their cherries are perfectly picked.

On every coffee farm there is a story to be told and Yellow Rooster is just the bridge to share that story.

We are excited about where this journey will take us and look forward to sharing it with you all along the way.

The Yellow Rooster Team


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