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Order your coffee samples by clicking on the “Choose” dropdown button and then add to cart. It’s that simple! You can search and filter coffees by country, arrival and pocess. Click the “Clear” button to return to the full list.

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OriginCoffeeProcessArrivalProducerFarmCupping notesVarietySize LbTotal QtyQty CTI-NJ 🆕Qty DPU-TXQty YR-FLPrice LbBuyhf:categorieshf:tax:arrivalhf:tax:processhf:tax:location
ColombiaBlack HoneyBlack HoneyAug 2023Edwin NoreñaCampo HermosoStrawberry candy, rosemary, lavenderSidra77.2330014.90
colombia-2aug-2023black-honeydpu-tx yr-fl
ColombiaWashed AnaerobicWashed AnaerobicApr 2024Ana María DonneysPrimaveraYummy notes on their wayCaturra & Castillo154.310015.90
ColombiaWine HoneyHoney AnaerobicApr 2024Ana María DonneysVilla LibiaYummy notes on their wayCaturra154.373408.90
ColombiaHazel Juliana GuevaraWashedJan 2024Hazel Juliana GuevaraLa TerrazaGrapefruit Blossom, Ginger, Lemon-Lime Soda, CardamomChiroso77.280087.50
ColombiaSantiago PatiñoNatural AnaerobicJan 2024Santiago PatiñoEl OcasoGin, Cacao, Dragon Fruit, Purple FlowerCaturrón77.2900912.50
ColombiaSantiago PatiñoNatural AnaerobicDec 2024Santiago PatiñoEl OcasoRosé, Raspberry, Mandarin, Watermelon CandyPapayo77.2900912.50
ColombiaCooperativa de AnsermaWashedOct 20232046 associated producers from Anserma Coop.Various (Caldas department)Baker's Chocolate, Red Apple, RyeCastillo154.374400334.25
colombia-2jan-2024washedcti-nj yr-fl
ColombiaEl DulceWashedOct 202326 associated producers from El DulceLa ErmitaChocolate, Cinnamon, Fuji Apple, Silky BodyCaturra, Castillo154.350054.90
ColombiaSalado BlancoWashedJan 202423 Associated producers from Terra Coffee AssociationVarious (Huila department)Red Apple, Honeydew, Chocolate, MandarinCaturra, Colombia154.345025204.90
colombia-2jan-2024washeddpu-tx yr-fl
ColombiaSKF Scoby StyleNatural 'Scoby Style'Oct 2023José Giraldo from Café 1959El DiamanteRed Wine, Chocolate Liquer, FloralPink Bourbon77.2600613.50
ColombiaCooperativa de QuindíoWashedAug 2023Coop. de Caficultores del QuindíoVarious (Quindío Department)Chocolate caramel, green apple, lemonade, silky bodyCastillo154.32802714.50
colombia-2aug-2023washeddpu-tx yr-fl
ColombiaPanela StickyDouble Washed, Three-Stage AnaerobicOct 2023José Giraldo from Café 1959El DiamanteSweet, Bright, Lemon, Cherry, Tamarind, HorchataPink Bourbon77.222130910.00
colombia-2oct-2023washedcti-nj yr-fl
GuatemalaFarm BlendWashedAug 2023Carlos RoldánFinca SiquemMilk chocolate, cashew cream, almond, tamarindCaturra, Bourbon, Marsellesa154.3292491251183.70
guatemalaaug-2023washedcti-nj dpu-tx yr-fl
PerúGermán Carranza Barboza - Lot 2 -NaturalOct 2023Germán Carranza BarbozaEl BebederoStrawberry, Orange Zest, Fresh MintGesha152.1202013.00
PerúEiser Carranza BacaNaturalOct 2023Eiser Carranza BacaPerla del ValleTootsie Pop, Hibiscus Tea, ChamomileGesha152.1400412.50
PerúLa Coipa CommunityWashedOct 20233 Producers from Barro Negro3 Allied Farms from Barro NegroDark Chocolate, Caramel, StarfruitTypica, Caturra, Pache, Catimor, Bourbon152.12702524.50
peruoct-2023washeddpu-tx yr-fl
PerúGermán Carranza Barbosa - Lot AmazonasWashedOct 2023Germán Carranza BarbozaEl BebederoCoffee Blossom, Lemon-Lime Soda, Baking SpicesMarsellesa, Bourbon, Castillo152.11915045.40
peruoct-2023washedcti-nj yr-fl

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I taste before I buy?

In most cases, YES! Simply add the coffee you’re curious about to your cart, and we’ll send it in exchange for your contact information. Make sure you click the right box, whether you need green or roasted samples. In the case of green, we will send 100g unless you make a special request in the “Order Notes” box at checkout. Roasted samples will be 50g, enough for a cupping and a pourover.

I need a little more than 100g. What are my options?

Not everybody has a tiny sample roaster, we get it! For most coffees, we can also accommodate upwards of 300g of green if you’re using a 1kg drum, for example. Beyond that, we’d be happy to open a direct dialogue. Email us and we can discuss your needs. And finally, many of our coffees are available for purchase in 4 or 10 lb quantities at

I see some pretty expensive coffees on the list — can I try those, too?

In most cases, we are able to accommodate small amounts, yes. Sometimes, however, some coffees arrive vacuum sealed from origin and breaking the seal would disserve the quality of the green.

Everything looks great, can I have one of each?

If that’s the case, we’d love to come cup with you to talk through all of our options together! In general, however, we’d ask that you narrow down your initial request to a few serious contenders, and we can work with you from there. It’s our experience that sending dozens of samples at once can be time consuming and overwhelming. But email us or give us a call, we’ll chat about it!

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