Cultivating relationships

As coffee importers, we wear many hats — at any given time, we’re doing the work of talent agent, banker, ambassador, rock climber, translator, salesperson, counselor, fortune-teller or entrepreneur. Far from patting ourselves on the back, we believe these hats point to the reality of the level of personal investment and involvement each of our team proudly contributes on a daily basis.

You see, not only are we sourcing coffee, we’re cultivating relationships. We’re not the first or last to say it, but we truly believe good coffee comes from good people. The supply chain from tree to cup is a long and complicated one, requiring a lot of specialists to execute their portion of the relay race with expertise and precision — how can this be done outside of the foundation of mutual trust and a common vision of creating something special?

Your cultural bridge

Like an Olympic 4×100 relay team carries the baton across the finish line, we understand every step along the coffee bean’s journey as an essential part towards realizing its full, dignified potential in the cup. Using our team’s combined decades of experience as a basis for relationship-building, we seek out like-minded growers and cooperatives from a variety of backgrounds who share a common goal of connecting to the larger human project as best as they are able, with that which they have at hand. There is a cup for every seed, and our work is to build a bridge between them.

In the same way, our roaster friends will find in Yellow Rooster an attentive ear, listening and meeting their needs with coffees they’re excited about representing to their consuming public. Whether for a daily-drinker blend or a jaw-dropping nano-lot experiment, our team has the relationships on the ground at origin to bring diversity, creativity and consistency that so many modern roasters are craving. Our work never starts or finishes at the cupping table — it’s an ongoing labor identifying needs and building a pathway for all of us to work together to accomplish a common goal of sustainable coffee well into the future.

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