El Ascensor

Origin Specifications
Country Variety
Colombia Castillo, Colombia
Region Process
Sonson, Antioquia Washed
Grower Elevation
Duvan Lopez 2.050 masl
Farm Packaging
El Ascensor 35Kg YR Box with Grain Pro


Farm info

Ventola Coffee Farm is a world leader on fermentation process and their team are community leaders that bring the Antioquia - Santa Bárbara region and Colombia the opportunity to provide value added proposition to increase stable coffee revenues. They work with us in low risk custody, marketing and sales process that guarantees sustainable direct relationship with United States coffee roasters.

For more than 40 years Ventola dedicated to generating happiness and progress in the Antioquia southwest of Colombia. Ventola value the experience of good coffee farmers and take care to dignify their work. They support hundreds of Colombian families who have proudly preserved the family tradition of coffee, encouraging good practices like sustainability, environment, efficiency and control, processes, technification and traceability.

They improved their reduction of water consumption in benefit. Their new beneficiation processes such as Natural (without depulping process) and Semi-washed (without mucilage washing process), the water consumption in process processes fell to almost 40% of what they had been consuming when they produced only lavado coffee.

Ventola Farm is also accredited by Rain Forest Alliance, utz, 4C and other certifiers for maintaining good standards of sustainability in the coffee business.


About Antioquia

Production area (ha): 123.000
Variety: Bourbon, Castillo, Catimor, Caturra, Colombia & Typica
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.800 masl
Harvest: September - December & Abril - June
Average temperature: 20 °C - 68 °F
Average annual rain: 298 mm


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