Inmaculada - Sudan Rume

Origin Specifications
Country Variety
Colombia Sudan Rume
Region Process
Pichinde Cauca Natural
Grower Elevation
Julian Vicente Holguin Ramos 1.840 masl
Farm Packaging
24Kg Vacuum sealed block


Farm info

La Inmaculada is one of the most prestigious farms in the world. Not just because of their rare varietals but because the attention to detail in their quality control process. From the best equipment to the irreplaceable human hand selection. They decided to work with us to have the best control of the custody and the ability to manage their brand and customers in the United States.

Only 20 minutes away from Cali, in a small town called Pichinde located in the Andes mountains, the Holguin family decided to make use of an untouched forest on their family farm. The location was perfect to grow coffee; weather, altitude, rainfall. They started with 5.12 hectares and today, 9 years later, they have around 50 hectares of which 30 are planted and the rest is kept as natural forest.

These 50 hectares are divided into four different farms located in the same region but in different areas thus having different climate conditions. Those farms are El Jardin, Las Nubes, Monserrat and Inmaculada Concepcion. In those farms are planted some of the rarest and most special coffees like Rume Sudan, Eugenoides, Laurina, Gesha and Maragesha.


About Cauca

Production area (ha): 95.600
Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Tipica, Borbón & Tabi
Altitude: 1.750 - 2.100 masl
Harvest: September - December & Abril - June
Average temperature: 18 °C - 64.4 °F
Average annual rain: 2.069 mm


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