Working with Yellow Rooster


Yellow Rooster is a company based on human relationships. As we seek to establish respectful relationships with coffee growers to obtain green beans, we also strive to achieve the same in our wholesale accounts with roasters.

Whether it is for your house blend or a unique single origin, all the coffees we offer are selected by our team at origin. We get to see the facilities and then test the coffee in our headquarters to ensure the quality. 

We maintain direct contact with the growers, meaning we can give you, the roaster, as much information as you need and give any feedback you may have for the coffee grower.

The most important thing for us is to be able to establish long term relationships with roasters to ensure we are meeting your needs. Our aim is to grow together with the roasters we supply. We are always open to conversation and, of course, catching up for a coffee.

We want your Yellow Rooster experience to be a transparent and enjoyable one!

Transparent information

We started this coffee adventure with the purpose of providing transparency in all instances in which we are involved. That's why we think it's important for you to know how Yellow Rooster works to get the green coffee:

  1. The coffee grower contacts our local Ambassador or vice versa.

  2. Our Yellow Rooster Ambassador assesses the product based on quality of the cup and the processes applied.

  3. We organize a cupping at origin of the selected coffees and then another is done in our laboratory in Florida.

  4. According to the price that the coffee grower sets, we choose the Purchase model or the Custody model.

  5. Once the coffees arrive to our warehouse we proceed to add them to our list of current coffees. We create a unique card for each coffee with information such as region, grower, variety, process, elevation and more. We also look for extra information about the farm and useful data about the region that will be helpful for the roasters.
    As we have made the decision to only work with freshly harvested coffee, you will notice that we do not refer to the harvest date on our website.

  6. After all this work your coffee is ready to be cupped and ordered.

Types of purchase 

Purchase Model

We select the desired coffee and work directly with the established buying system that best fits the coffee grower. We base the price on the quality of the coffee and pay all related fees on the agreed payment terms. 

Custody Model

We offer logistic services from Port to Miami. There we store the coffee in a climate control facility and manage the administration of the coffee from importation to delivery to the final customers. The owner of the coffee is the grower and the owner of the coffee pays for services a la carte.

How to order with us

All the coffees we work with are published in our current coffee list which varies according to stock. There you can read the complete bio of each coffee and select the ones you are interested in.

You can see our current coffees here.

Is there anything on our list of current coffees that caught your eye?

While we share a passion for coffee, people always come first! We would love to meet you and organize a cupping with the coffees we have in stock that best suit your needs as a roaster including pre shipment samples, which are in limited quantities.

So please contact us. Our team will get back to you, and in less then a roosters crow, we will be cupping.


Minimum Order Quantity

Our minimum order is one Yellow Rooster box.

All our coffees are packed in 35 kg. or 77 pounds Grain Pro bags and also in 24 kg. Vac Pack cartons.

In case of ordering a larger quantity, the shipping option is with a pallet with a maximum of 18 x 35kg. boxes. We use boxes because the shipping capacity is higher and it is safer for those who work in the freight industry, like our friend Dominick from UPS.

Previously with coffee sacks, we could carry a maximum of 1240 pounds or 562kgs per pallet. With our Yellow Rooster boxes you can reach a maximum of 1400 pounds or 635 kg.

Orders on pallets can be for one coffee or for a variety of coffees.



After you have ordered your coffee, we ship with UPS. If you have another shipping preference we can arrange it.

The most important thing for us in this final stage, is that your coffee arrives to your roastery in good condition.

If you notice any damage to your order, please contact us immediately. As long as the shipment was made by UPS, we can solve it.


If you have any questions please get in touch!


Yes, we cover every corner of the country with all of the shipping carriers.

Yes. You should only know that we can only be held responsible for coffees sent by us.

We handle the standard size for the United States, which is: 40x48x75 inches. Remember that you can order up to 18 Yellow Rooster boxes on one pallet.

We consider relationships first, and then coffee. In this way we want to say that we prefer personalized tastings in order to get to know the roasters and their assistants better.

Of course. Together with your order we will send you the coffee bio of the coffees you ordered which you can also find on our website by clicking on the name of the coffee you like.

The minimum order is One 35kg Yellow Rooster box with the Grain Pro bag or a 24kg Vac Pack.

Yellow Rooster wants to bring the best specialty coffee to all those roasters who want to share their art with their communities. Therefore, no matter the size of your roastery, we want to make it easy for you to serve a minimum order of 35kg or 24kg Vac Pack.

Yes, we have a green coffee bean storage service in our warehouse. We can assure you that your coffees will be in custody as long as you need them. For more information and rates click here.

No, the prices of coffee reflect the price in our warehouse. Shipping rates are local and vary according to the destination. We do our best to find the rate that best suits the quality of the coffee until it reaches your roastery.

Once your order has been processed we will send you all the details for payment. We only work with spot orders and we have a different plan for those roasters we work with on a long term basis.

We are always available for a phone call and if you are in the area we would love to catch up for a coffee.