Elzi Silveira & Thiago Corsi


Cupping notes
Lemon, Nutty, Creamy.

Coffee bio

Rio Paranaiba, Brazil


Elzi Silveira & Thiago Corsi


Fazendas Rodomunho


Catucai 2SL




1100 masl.


Jun 2024

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Sourcing from Fazendas Rodomunho

Thiago Corsi and his brothers Renato and Rodrigo Corsi are the fourth generation of coffee growers, having learned from their mother and father. Children of Rubens Corsi, of Italian background, who came directly to the south of Minas Gerais to grow coffee in the 18th century, and of Elzi Faria, of Portuguese origin, who initially came to Brazil to grow coffee in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro.

The families emigrated to the state of Paraná in the 1940s where there they grew coffee for more than 40 years until the time of the Black Frost in 1975. This devastating weather event made Rubens and Elzi make the difficult decision to come and try their hand further north (and thus, more frost-resistant) in the Cerrado Mineiro region. Here, they liked what they saw and decided to start the migration pattern yet again for a family who historically kept searching for better land to work their coffee.

In 1985, they bought their first location in Minas, where their three children grew up. Today, the family has three areas producing specialty coffees (two in Minas and one in Bahia) and they are already preparing the family succession through their children, the 5th generation of coffee growers in the family, dating back to approximately 1860, the year in which the Portuguese from the Faria Family (on the maternal side) arrived in Brazil to work with coffee.

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