Germán Carranza Barboza – Washed


Cupping notes

Cinnamon, Apple, Pineapple, Cedar.

Coffee bio


Gracias a Dios, Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Perú.

Producer / Farm

Germán Carranza Barboza – El Bebedero


Marsellesa, Red Bourbon




1650 masl.

Price / lb

German Carranza

Sourcing from Germán Carranza

It was our pleasure to finally meet Germán Carranza in person last July. A second-generation producer in his late 20s, Germán sees the cultivation of coffee differently than his father did. By pursuing diversification, he sees a path forward to creating a legacy his daughter will be proud to inherit.

For the third year in a row, Germán is the most experimental producer we work with in Peru, never shying away from naturals or honeys, and one of the first we’ve met to try his hand at low-oxygen styles and different varieties developed in Central America.
This is our third year working with Germán Carranza, from Amazonas, Peru, and for the past three years, his coffees have stood out as some of the finest (and fewest) examples of “non-traditional” processing we’ve tasted in Peru.

As a core origin for us at Yellow Rooster since our launch in July 2019, Peru has always held a special place in our hearts and on our offering list. A natural temptation would be to compare Peruvian coffee to that of its two largest neighbours, Colombia and Brazil, given that the three share thousands of miles of land borders in the Amazon. The truth is, however, that even within Peru, there are upwards of nine identified macro-growing regions all along the Andes from Ecuador to Bolivia. Slightly larger than Ethiopia or Colombia, and twice the size of Kenya — Peru is a coffee powerhouse that we believe still hasn’t received its shine from the larger coffee community in the way we believe it deserves!

We’re working in northern Peru (Cajamarca and Amazonas) now going on four harvests, and the lots we’ve secured from our friends María Nieves and Germán Carranza represent our longest running relationship coffees in our company’s short history. Along with the other single-farm selections we’ve received from in and around the coffee lands surrounding Jaén, we’re as confident as ever in the quality and dedication we know exists in the region.

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