Panela Sticky

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Cupping notes
Sweet, Bright, Lemon, Cherry, Tamarind, Horchata.

Coffee bio

Acevedo, Huila, Colombia


José Giraldo from Café 1959


El Diamante


Pink Bourbon


Double Washed, Three-Stage Anaerobic


1800 masl.


Oct 2023

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Sourcing from José Giraldo from Café 1959

José Giraldo is a third generation coffee producer. He is a talented young guy who discovered alongside his dad that good coffee, needs good soil. This is how in just 4 years they turned their farm from commercial to specialty with truly remarkable results.

Finca El Diamante is the home where Panela Sticky is grown. Located in the south of Huila, this Pink Bourbon grows at 1750 masl. and forms part of a Café 1959 program to process cherries from different farms. For this coffee they partnered with El Diamante to collaborate and co-create a sweet, clean, bright, and easy to drink coffee.

Panela Sticky Recipe
Coffee cherries are collected in the ripest stage when there is a ripe pink color (22 Brix degrees), the same reason the variety is called Pink Bourbon. It is theorized that it is actually a cross mutation between native Ethiopian accension and bourbon plants. Some characteristics of Pink Bourbon are good production, beautiful pink ripening and the sweetest mucilage you can imagine. Pink bourbon has the perfect level of sweetness for pursuing the creation of Panela Sticky.

Cherries were collected and put into GrainPro Bags to start the 13 hour night time trip from Huila to Quindio, where the 1959 fermentation and drying facility is located. Traveling during the night helps to control the temperature in the first stage of the fermentation that takes place in the truck.

Once arrived in Quindio and after a full 24 hr. fermentation, they pulp the coffee before putting it into closed tanks for another 24hr anaerobic fermentation, after which they open the tank, wash the coffee, rinse it, and return it once more into a dry, closed tank for the third and final 24 hr. Fermentation. Then the coffee is washed and rinsed a second time before laying it onto raised drying beds.

The end step of this process is resting the coffee, in a long, slow, shade-drying process that takes on average 40 days. All this results in the stunning coffee Cafe 1959 calls, Panela Sticky.

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