Red Fruits

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Circasia, Quindío, Colombia


Edwin Noreña


Campo Hermoso


Red Bourbon


Carbonic Maceration w/ Mossto, Red Fruits, & Wine Yeast


1600 masl.


Jan 2024

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Sourcing from Edwin Noreña

Edwin @alquimistaspecialtycoffee is a life-long coffee grower, a trained agronomist, instructor, consultant, Q-Grader and Cup of Excellence judge. His coffees represent an intense pursuit of flavor based upon knowledge, experience and years of trial and error.

Since our first import of Edwin’s coffees in January 2021, we’ve had the pleasure of representing his expertise to roasters across the USA and New Zealand, and are grateful he entrusted us with his life’s pursuit.

If this is the first time you are trying an experimental process, we recommend you take a minute and forget what you think coffee “should” taste like. It is an experience all of its own.

Red Fruit Recipe This Red Fruit coffee was grown and processed in the facilities of Finca Campo Hermoso. Cherries are harvested above 23ô brix’s, then are soaked in water for 4 hours. Initial cherry Carbonic Maceration fermentation for 72 hours with Mossto.

After that there is a second parchment Carbonic Maceration fermentation for 72 hours with Mossto + RED Fruits + Wine Yeast. Coffee is sun dried on African beds for 25 days until humidity is 10.5%. Final humidity stabilization for 8 days inside a warehouse, then coffee is finally stored on grain pro bags. After the final stabilization of 8-10 days, coffees are cupped and lots organized.

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