Welcome to the New Yellow Rooster experience!

Welcome to our new website!

Happy February, everybody! Please take a few minutes to visit around and take in some of the updates we’ve made. Seeing our offerings and ordering samples is easier than ever. See for yourself!

We just got back from the USCC Qualifier round in Baltimore. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces and make a lot of new connections. Congrats to everyone who passed on to Nationals in Portland.

2023 is shaping up to be a pretty significant year for us at Yellow Rooster — we won’t rehash what we’ve all experienced since launching in 2019, but suffice it to say we’ve faced hurdles and are still here to tell the tale! Moving forward, you can expect the same of what we have been building up until now: Delicious specialty coffees from personally cultivated relationships across Latin America being delivered to some of North America’s most exciting roasteries.

“We’ll be announcing new warehousing alliances with a wider array of coffee categories in order to meet more needs”

What is changing is our reach — when the time is right, we’ll be announcing new warehousing alliances with a wider array of coffee categories in order to meet more needs, both for producers that are desiring to sell more, and roasters that are desiring to buy more.

In our warehouse at the moment

In our Florida warehouse at this very moment, Peru and Colombia dominate the spot shelves while we await fresh arrivals from Brazil and later, Guatemala.

Additionally, Colombian coffees will take a more prominent role in our menu this year due to some advancements we’re making with our partners in that country.

Keep an eye out for more news on that — we’re expecting to be able to meet larger quantity orders unlike ever before, so for you roasters that need to fill container-sized placements in your lineup, we’re here to help!

Next on the horizon is CoffeeFest New York, in Manhattan from March 5-8. Are any roasters from the Northeast going to be there? We’d love for you to swing by our booth and say hello! Until then,

— Joel


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