El Dulce


Cupping notes
Chocolate, Cinnamon, Fuji Apple, Silky Body.

Coffee bio

Arboleda, Nariño, Colombia


26 associated producers from El Dulce


La Ermita


Caturra, Castillo




1900 - 2200 masl


Oct 2023

Size lbs


Quantity available

0 units at CTI, NJ
0 units at DPU, TX
5 units at YR, FL
Price / lb
Sourcing from 26 associated producers from El Dulce

This delicious washed coffee comes from one of our favourite regions in Colombia, Nariño.

El Dulce is made up of 26 producers working together to create a balanced coffee with a specific profile. With farms ranging from 1 to 3Ha, the producers work together with Terra Coffee to ensure harvesting and processing is done at the same time and with the same parameters. All the coffee is washed and then put out to be sun dried in the high altitude sunshine.

The main harvest of El Dulce is between May and August and represents 80% and the mid crop is between October – December, being the other 20%.

With the combination of factors such as 1660 hours of sunlight a year, 1866mm of reliable rainfall patterns and the rich volcanic soil thanks to the multiple volcanoes found in the Nariño region, producers are able to cultivate at higher altitudes with cooler than average temperatures. All this provides us with the unique and sought after profile we find in this region.

Terra Coffee: Empowering Producers and Sustainable Practices
Terra Coffee emerged as an association with a noble objective – to enhance the quality of life for its producing members.

In their relentless pursuit of  regenerative agriculture, the focus remains on empowering producers to reconstruct and revive their soils. The key lies in crafting potent biopreparations, steering away from agro chemicals purchases and fostering a wholehearted embrace of this naturally transformative approach. The intricacies of their methodologies unfold through compelling workshops, offering a glimpse into the intriguing realm of sustainable farming practices.

According to Wbeimar, the representative of Terra Coffee, a significant stride involves amplifying the role of women within their association. From tailored workshops on coffee analysis and preparation, exclusively for female members, to dismantling gender norms ingrained in the agricultural landscape, their efforts transcend economic objectives. The transformation of female participation and overcoming historical reticence, reflects a commitment to showcasing the indispensable contributions of women on the farm. The work with women extends beyond traditional boundaries, creating spaces where they feel acknowledged and fostering a reality where their influence in agriculture is pivotal.

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